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Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Utah - Lowest Quote for Best Coverage

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Utah is the state’s largest insurer with more than 600,000 customers. One of the most popular plans is the ValueCare Premier.

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Utah provides the most comprehensive health insurance offering in the state.

Regence ValueCare Premier, has no deductibles, and features up-front $15 co-payments for both well and sick office, clinic and urgent care center visits. The $15 co-payment covers virtually everything that occurs in the doctor’s office, including examinations, consultation, treatment, minor diagnostic tests and surgery, etc. (Major diagnostic test and surgery are subject to 20 percent coinsurance.)

Regence ValueCare Premier also has a no-deductible prescription card with $5 co-payments for generic prescriptions. Name brand, formulary prescriptions require coinsurance of 25 percent, and psychotropic and non-formulary drugs and birth control pills require coinsurance of 50 percent.

The Premier plan offers inpatient hospital stays at 80/20 percent without a deductible and emergency room treatment at 80/20 percent after a $75 co-payment.

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah ValueCare Premier Summary

Prescriptions Drug Summary:

A Prescription Drug Card applies and coverage is not subject to the medical plan Deductible. The Member co-payment is $5 for generic prescriptions, 25% of the cost of name brand formulary prescriptions and diabetic supplies, and 50% of the cost of psychotropic prescriptions, non-formulary prescriptions and oral contraceptives. Any amounts paid for Prescription Drugs do not apply toward Maximum Coinsurance amounts.

Limitations & Exclusions

During the 12-month limitation period following the Member’s Effective Date, NO BENEFITS will be provided for:

If you are eligible for waiting period credit due to prior coverage, you may request and complete an application for such credit that shall be applied toward the 12-month limitation for all conditions listed above. You may also eliminate the 12-month limitation period if you have eighteen (18) or more month of Creditable Coverage (the most recent of which is group coverage), you are not eligible for other group coverage, Medicare or Medicaid, and you meet certain other requirements.

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah employs over 880 employees with offices in Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo.

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