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Get local Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan quotes. Compare multiple Blue Cross Blue Shield plans side by side. Than safely apply online for coverage! BenefitsManager.net is your field underwriter that keeps in constant contact with you to speed up your policy issuance. You can rest assure that your rates are guaranteed to be the lowest price. BenefitsManager.net also guarantees you access to a health insurance policy irregardless of your health conditions. Certain restrictions apply and if you are currently pregnant you cannot be issued a policy.


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Trouble downloading?  Ask us to email or postal mail the entire kit!

The "apply now portal" will walk you step by step through our interactive enrollment application. We answer common questions with an intelligent responder found on various parts of the application.

Utah Blue Cross Blue Shield is a trusted name among 100% of local providers.

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Downloadable application.

Doctor Office and Rx Copay Rate Menus:
Instant quote comparisons for individuals or families!

Catastrophic Only Rate Menus:
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This carrier is ideal if you need inexpensive quality coverage NOW while you wait for permanent coverage to be issued with Utah Blue Cross Blue Shield .

We can issue you coverage in 10 minutes! Click the company symbol to Quote and Enroll Now!


This coverage is also perfect for situations of "Cobra Alternatives" or "College Student" needs.  It is recommended that you enroll here first because your coverage is active at midnight.  Then we have you apply with Utah insurance carriers for a more permanent coverage.

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