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Blue Cross Blue Shield Utah  is proudly represented by Benefits Manager Inc. on our comprehensive Web Site – benefitsmanager.net.

Why does that excite us?

Regence BlueCross BlueShield Utah, with more than 600,000 customers, is the state’s largest insurer. Its products and plans include Individual, Group, Medicare Supplement and Life & Disability. BlueCross BlueShield Utah Members have convenient and comprehensive access and network choices that include 43 hospitals and 3,300 physicians. The company’s operating expense ratio – 9.3 percent – is one of the lowest in the nation among health insurers.

What does having BlueCross BlueShield in Utah mean to you? It means more insurance options and better access to excellent care at a reasonable cost! It also means knowing you are dealing with a stable insurance company in Utah with a rich history.

Together, independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans provide health care financing for almost 66 million people, roughly one in four Americans. Blue Cross Blue Shield Utah has the right plan for you – 66 million people think it does.

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Blue Cross Rating & Market Reputation Locally in Utah

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BenefitsManager.net report (updated 11-12-07)

Utah BlueCross BlueShield Strengths

  • They are a non-profit organization with a superior hospital / physician network exposure in state.  Neighboring states they have good provisions and extensions to physicians and hospitals.  They allow many different physician panels like IHC.
  • Their ValueCare benefits for both group and individual policies are popular and work real well.
  • All employer group sizes compete very well in market price.  Their group price renewals are very reasonable.
  • Their individual and family plans are competitive in both benefit and market price with IHC.
  • Underwriting department has increased in efficiency.  There issue time on a clean application is 3-4 business days.  They are extremely agent friendly interface.


  • We sleep very well at night with the many insured we place under their care.  They have always been a consistent factor.
  • It is our hope they continue to monitor the market changes and move toward a eCommerce age.  We have and will continue to consult with them on a regular basis pertaining to ease of eCommerce.
  • Most authorities in our field all agree they will continue to be a viable and competitive force to be reckoned with.  Their new plan versions continue to sweep through the market.
  • It is our hope they would avoid an "oligopoly" competition model of market pricing with IHC.  What does this mean?  Well when you have only two competitors in any market you will see trends of "price fixing" to stabilize and capture a market.  Although you technically cannot "price fix" in a insurance market you can suppress minimum rates to be above normal profit ranges.  However, when you look at the nation overall (we have experience with other states) Utah has one of the richest benefit levels available at lower premiums.  Most employers in other states offer (based upon what their price tolerance level is) deductible plans starting at the $2000 range.  Utah's average deductible is $500.