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 Why these particular carrier's online systems are safe to enroll through.

We are proud to provide you with guaranteed safe portals to quote and apply online with
HumanaOne and Regence BlueCross BlueShield.

This systems is a fast way available to get you approved. We enable you to safely enter your information directly into the carrier data base. There is no "third party storage" of your personal information that can be tapped. Meaning you are entering your information directly into the insurance carrier's data base. You will notice a change of web page appearance when you enter these safety links. This is because you are directly within the main frame of the health insurance carrier. We endorse and approve the safety guidelines that are implemented by Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah. Should you have any questions or concerns please donít hesitate to contact us.

We perform the field underwriting to move you quickly to an underwriting decision while fostering carrier  competition over your business. This ensures you get the best deal every time!

                                               How our online and Adobe PDF systems are different

What we don't do is have you submit your health information through our website data base in which we in turn deliver that information to the insurance carrier. That is called "third party storage".  Another way of explaining it is that we don't ask you health questions that you type into our website data storage.  Typically there are many third party insurance sales websites that ask you to type in and disclose health information through their website which they will in turn process it and transmit it to the insurance company "third party storage".  That type of third party storage data base can easily be compromised.

What we do is assure your privacy protection through our two submission systems:

  1. System one - OFFICIAL CARRIER APPLICATION that you download and interact w/ on your PC brought to you by Adobe PDF program. Paper processes can't be compromised by the internet.
  2. System two - DIRECT E-CONNECTIONS with HumanaOne and Regence BlueCross BlueShield. You are within their mainframe that has secure connections to protect your information. The web page appearance will be that of the carrier and will not look like our website.